What makes jewellery eternal? Some believe carefully sourced and selected diamonds are key. Others credit success to the craftsman, experience or meticulous metalwork. And many attribute a jeweller’s success to the precision and detail of the designs. All are vital elements, but none are conclusive. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder — for timeless beauty the key is you.

Alan Weiss is a classically trained jeweller with almost 40 years of experience. By hand-crafting bespoke jewellery with precision, care and a consultative approach throughout, timeless pieces are created with you in mind.



Chosen for his personable approach Alan forms trusted, individual relationships with each client capturing ideas that are distilled into the essence of a design. The finest diamonds and gemstones, sourced from a network curated over a lifelong career, are skilfully hand-worked with precious metals to create bespoke, precision pieces that reflect treasured stories.

Alan Weiss jewellery embodies perfect moments, preserves memories and creates delight that will transcend generations.


The journey of life awards us loved ones with which to share. Memories and experiences hold dear and thrilling turns surprise us around every corner. On occasion we are left in need of a little rejuvenation. Restoring your cherished jewellery with care and a range of specialised techniques, Alan Weiss returns pieces glowing and should it be required, repaired to flawlessly match the original design.


Classics are difficult to find and even more difficult to replicate. Alan Weiss recreates classic designs with aptitude and accuracy, ensuring the pieces remain true to their heritage. Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Classic Modern styles can be reworked to incorporate your existing diamonds and gemstones or reproduced as in the original period with newly sourced jewels.


Relied upon by State and local government bodies throughout Australia, Alan Weiss has a comprehensive repertoire of Ceremonial Jewellery services including design and manufacture, restoration and repair, re-engraving, enammeling and reproduction.